KMO Building

KMO Building consists of eight stories and two basements. It was engineered and constructed by CONNUSA engineering consultant and was completed in December 2015. The building is designed with emphasis on safety first principle.

KMO Building is earthquake resistant and the pressurized emergency escape stairs are extra wide for easy access and convenient passage. The building is equipped with sophisticated fire protection equipment including sprinklers, automatic fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, heat and smoke detectors throughout the entire building.   In addition, 24/7 security guards are always at premises with integrated CCTV in common areas with alarm system.

KMO building is also designed for great energy savings using Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) high efficiency central air conditioning system and using LED lights throughout building. The electricity is fully backed up by generator in case of power failure.

For the convenience of tenants, the internet is equipped with fiber optic lines. The air conditioning, lightings & power outlets have separate digital electricity meters enabling tenants to have the freedom to work overtime without surcharges and other restrictions.